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Bamboo fiber

Update:28 Jun 2018

It is a kind of regenerative plant fiber. The fabric ma […]

It is a kind of regenerative plant fiber. The fabric made of bamboo fiber has the features of coolness, smoothness, moisture absorption, and quick drying. Bamboo fiber (TENBRO) uses natural bamboo as raw material, through the scientific extraction of bamboo fiber spinning spinning production The new type of regenerated cellulose fiber is the 21st-century green fiber newly developed after the third-generation regenerated cellulose fiber Modol wood fiber (Tencl).

In the production process of bamboo fiber, the most modern textile production technology and cutting-edge technology are used today, so that the produced bamboo fiber has the same characteristics as other natural fibers and even chemical fibers at the same time.

A. Physical properties: It has a natural antibacterial effect, wrinkle-free and easy flatness, good abrasion resistance, no deformation, high tensile strength, high dimensional stability and high precision, and all technical indexes are better than natural fibers.

B, chemical properties: have good alkali resistance, anti-pollution, easy to wash and maintenance, multiple washing can still maintain the original size of the appearance of its clothing, so that clothing to maintain a more natural and natural.
C、Hygroscopic performance: Microporous structure, moisture absorption and perspiration, air and antibacterial, anti-static, non-stick, and its technical parameters are unmatched by most chemical fibers.

D, Dyeing performance: dyeing performance evenly than cotton fiber, suitable for a variety of dyes, good color fastness, rich colors and beautiful.

E. Weaving performance: Bamboo fiber is a micro-crimped fiber, suitable for a variety of high and high density shuttle knit, advanced finishing, smooth cloth, bright and uniform color, full and delicate touch, light weight, good drape characteristics, most suitable for personal closeness Weaving production of underwear, shirts, T-shirt fabrics.

In addition, blended with other fibers, interwoven (such as cotton, polyester, etc.) Its performance is more peculiar and comfortable.