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Chemical fiber fabrics: only introduce the three commonly used in clothing

Update:18 May 2018

1 Nylon: The scientific name is polyamide fiber, and th […]

1 Nylon: The scientific name is polyamide fiber, and the breaking strength is the highest in textiles, and it is called "strong king"; abrasion resistance is the highest one among textile fibers; elastic recovery rate is high, but elastic modulus is low, so Nylon fabrics are easy to deform and lose shape; poor hygroscopicity, wearing pure nylon fabrics for summer wears sweat, poor air permeability, will feel hot, uncomfortable; poor heat resistance, 180 degrees began to soften, so the ironing temperature can not exceed 150 degrees, should not use boiling water Foam washing; poor light resistance, after 16 weeks of sunlight, the fiber color yellow, strong drop of 50%, so the nylon products should not be long-term exposure to sunlight; long wear ball easily. Good acid and alkali resistance, at room temperature, low concentration of strong acid, strong alkali has no effect on the nylon strength; small density, lighter than other textile fibers; good dyeing; the main pan used for socks, sweatshirts, carpets, etc. .

The bright silk series of PC casual clothing is an improved 100% nylon. The fabric is consistent with the source of Montagut's bright T-shirt, which is what we often say. Absorbency is less than twice that of cotton, and drying speeds are three times faster than cotton, and are designed for hot, humid weather. No need to iron after washing, can maintain the clothing shape, color and its new mercerized appearance and feeling for a long time. The unique material and density of bright silk yarn can cause sweat to be taken to the surface of the clothes in a short time and spread out, without accumulation of moisture, so that the humidity of the inner layer of the clothes is reduced, and the clothes are kept dry and cool.

2 Polyester: The scientific name is polyester fiber, which has high breaking strength; good elasticity; best anti-wrinkle property; it is dimensionally stable after high temperature shaping, good in shape retention and wrinkle resistance, and does not wrinkle after washing; Second only to nylon; poor hygroscopicity, fabrics made of polyester textiles, wearing air tightness, good dimensional stability of clothing, shrinking small; heat resistance is better; after sunlight, the strength is almost no decline; acid and alkali Good; high density, similar to silk; poor dyeability, need to use disperse dyes, polyester can be dyed under high temperature and high pressure.

3 Acrylic: elastic and fluffy like wool, but not as durable as wool. Wash water treatment is easy, not easy to deform and shrink, soft, elastic, easy to dry, because of lighter warmth is good, the price is low, so it is an ideal winter clothing filler.