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Common sense of cotton raw materials

Update:28 Feb 2018

Cotton: natural plant fiber fabric, advantages: soft, c […]

Cotton: natural plant fiber fabric, advantages: soft, comfortable, bright color, rich color, heat-resistant, strong water absorption, good air permeability.
Shortcomings: easy to wrinkle, need to be hot, easy to dye, easily mouldy, poor acid resistance.
High grade clothing commonly used cotton:
The cotton (usually with Egyptian cotton), cotton fiber slender, white, delicate, soft, feel very comfortable. It is usually made of special young yarn. It feels soft and meticulous and has excellent drapability, but it can not be hanged after washing.
2. Island cotton, which is a few islands on the Caribbean coast. Because of its long sunshine duration and sunshine, its fiber is thin and long, and its luster is bright, toughness, flexibility and water absorbency. It is the best fabric for summer clothing. But the output is very rare, very precious, the price of clothing made with island cotton is generally around 2000, and now there are such products in PC and AQ clothing.
All kinds of detergent can be used in washing, and the washing machine can be washed by hand. White clothing can be a strong alkaline detergent high temperature washing, bleaching effect; don't soak a long time, the underwear can not be soaked with hot water so as to avoid the yellow stain, promptly wash, deep and light splitting; appropriate shade, avoid exposure to avoid dark clothes fade, drying in the sun, will be inside out. Do not wring it.