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Difference between polyester and chiffon?

Update:30 Jan 2018

    The difference between polyester and chiffon, polye […]

    The difference between polyester and chiffon, polyester is a synthetic fiber, is a textile material. Chiffon is a textile, which is a polyester-based fabric. The relationship between the two is like the relationship between wood and the table.
Difference between polyester and chiffon
   Aspect One: Chiffon to polyester and silk, polyester feel very poor, and the silk is very good, but it may not be georgette, it may snow snow spinning, which is different. The benefits of polyester is that washing will not be deformed, the disadvantage is to wear really hot, after all, is a chemical product. The benefits of silk is to wear really very breathable, and immediately after the sweat to dry, the downside is to take care of all the manual, and need ironing.
   Aspect Two: Spandex is commonly known as chemical fiber, is a synthetic chemical products, is made of very fine and soft woven, impermeable to heat deformation. Chiffon is a weaving process category `, according to the composition, but pure silk, but also can be purified fiber, or blended, in the past generally called chiffon" yarn ", chiffon with yarn is actually a substance, but Changed the name only. Chiffon is a silk, that is, silkworm baby silk spinning, artificial woven, because the preparation of different processes, and ordinary silk, silk produced a different thin thick texture. Common sense of life
   Aspect Three: Chiffon is a light fabric, like a yarn. Polyester is a synthetic fiber, is the raw material for weaving chiffon. Chiffon latitude and longitude lines of raw materials is polyester fiber, but twisting it, conventional polyester filament usually more filaments, chiffon, georgette, high wire Po, along with wrinkles are all silk fabrics , The raw materials are polyester fiber. Chiffon is georgette, with silk as raw material. Chiffon is polyester, made of polyester filament yarn.