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Emerging fabric knowledge

Update:30 May 2018

Emerging fabric knowledge: 1, Modal (Modal): It is a ki […]

Emerging fabric knowledge:

1, Modal (Modal): It is a kind of high-grade cellulose fiber produced by the Austrian Lancôme company using raw natural wood as raw material. 100% of its raw materials are natural, harmless to the human body, can be naturally decomposed and harmless to the environment. Due to its excellent properties and environmental protection, MODAL fiber has been recognized by the textile industry as the most promising fiber in the 21st century. Modal is characterized by combining the luxurious texture of natural fibers with the practicality of synthetic fibers. With cotton's soft, silky luster, hemp smooth, and its water absorption, breathability is better than cotton, with a higher dyeing rate, the fabric is bright and full color. Lenzing will develop modal/cotton blended fabrics according to customer needs to improve the quality of cotton-dyed fabrics and make fabrics soft and smooth. Washing water temperature below 40 °C is appropriate, the use of neutral soap powder washing soap can not be used to contain brighteners or washing liquid, hand wash or mild machine wash can be, avoid high temperature ironing, drying should be smooth.

2, Tencel fiber: is a new type of wood pulp fiber, 100% pure natural materials, completed under physical effects, the entire manufacturing process is non-toxic, non-polluting, easy to decompose in the soil. Therefore, "Tiansi" is known as "the green fiber of the 21st century." It combines the advantages of natural fibers with the function of man-made fibers. It combines the comfort of cotton, the hygroscopic drape of viscose, the strength of polyester, and the feel of silk. Its uniqueness is better, it has a flowing dynamic, rich and soft touch. The fabric surface is characterized by elegant gloss and clearer fabric texture. Tencel is mixed with other fibers to increase the added value of various textiles and produce different effects. If mixed with cotton, it will make the fiber softer, more glossy, and unique in style. When mixed with polyester, it will add a natural texture and provide a comfortable feel. It will mix with elastic fibers to increase the ductility. Activities are more comfortable. As a new type of cellulose fiber, Tencel is considered to be the best substitute for human cotton. At present, the world's cotton fiber consumption is about 2 million tons, and Tencel currently has only 100,000 tons of production. This shows that Tencel has a good space for development.

Washing and maintenance are basically the same as cotton fabrics. When washing, it should be gentler than cotton fabrics. Do not use forceful scrubbing. Avoid hard scrubbing. Avoid squeezing and squeeze clean water. With the election with the immersion, the water temperature bogey more than 45 degrees, avoid exposure, should be dry, wash separately from other clothing.

3, Ma Ji cotton: the use of high-silk cotton yarn, and after a special high sorghum processing, so that the feel of the clothing has a cool quality, and mercerized cotton noble luster, its long-lasting appearance is deeply loved by customers.