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Explanation of satin fabrics

Update:13 Mar 2018

Is a satin fabric, also called sadin, Chinese called fi […]

Is a satin fabric, also called sadin, Chinese called five satin. Usually one side is very smooth, the brightness is very good, it is its satin, so it is called five satin. The specifications are usually 75 x 100D, 75 x 150D and so on. Raw materials: cotton blended or polyester, or purified fiber. It is mainly used in all kinds of women's clothes, pajamas fabric or underwear. The product has a wide range of popularity, good gloss and a sense of draping, soft touch and silk like effect.
The essential difference between twisting and twisting is that the yarn makes a 360 degree rotation of the yarn to increase the strength of the yarn. The analysis is simple the same yarn turned around then he would shorten the length but his space width increases so twisting Satin product than nontwisting products to more soft and skin feel better, that you should understand, no more a process to twist twist twisting nature is expensive some than nontwisting. A series of "Satin" filled with vitality, show the natural scene. "Satin" fabric which is the old variety for a long time, but in recent years in Shengze textile industry for its products for the revision, in addition to the big bright triangular shaped wire materials and weaving technology innovation, but also in fabric dyeing and finishing postprocessing process extension, its density increased, feel more soft, more development.