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Fabric Knowledge: Stretch Satin Fabric

Update:25 May 2018

     Some people in Satin cloth also call it Sardinbu, […]

     Some people in Satin cloth also call it Sardinbu, which was transliterated by the English name satin. The satin is similar to five satin on the surface, but the satin is higher in density than the five satin. The surface is very smooth, and the brightness is very good; the material of the satin fabric can be as many as cotton, polyester/cotton blended, or full chemical fiber; the processing technology of the satin is complex, so it also forms a variety of varieties. There are different varieties.

Satin's main features are breathability, good sag, feel silky in the hand feel, good clothing comfort, warmth, affinity is also very good; so satin is very popular with pajamas or underwear fabrics Welcome, in addition to sportswear, casual wear and bedding are also very popular for satin.

Since the satin of the satin is very bright, it should not be exposed to the sun. Exposure will make the satin lose its luster and its color will become dull. If it is summer, it will feel very hot and hot; The place under the sun.