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How to clean the cashmere products

Update:06 Mar 2018

Cashmere products: wearing is comfortable, warm and str […]

Cashmere products: wearing is comfortable, warm and strong, warmness, soft, Hikaruzawa Youwa, unique style, favored by consumers. Cashmere cashmere and cashmere, cashmere is higher than the value of sheep cashmere, cashmere clothing PC are mainly produced by goats on a layer of fine wool, cashmere the output is very low, generally each goat cashmere annual amount is only 150 grams to 250 grams, the texture is soft, delicate, smooth, shiny, known as "soft gold", which are woven into the fabric of cashmere content is high, the more expensive the properties of cashmere fiber with its soft, light and soft, slide, enjoy the "Diamond fiber" reputation. At the same time, it is made of cashmere products with the unique style of being comfortable, velvet, soft touch and soft luster. It is favored by consumers. Cashmere products are exquisite, elegant, luxurious, and comfortable to wear. Such as: (PAS-PSP-XR05 -). When washing normally dry cleaning, can be washed by hand; hand wash the special lotion into 35oC water mix, will have soaked cashmere sweater to soak for 15-30 minutes, focus on the dirt and the neckline cuffs with a high concentration of lotion, take the washing method of crush, rest gently knead (if stained with coffee, juice and blood, should be sent to special laundry washing), flowers or multi-color cashmere sweater should not be soaked, different colors of the cashmere sweater should not be washed together to avoid staining. Rinse with clear water with 30oC, after washing, the supporting softener can be put in the description, and the feeling will be better. The washed cashmere sweater in the water out, into the net bag in the washing machine drum in the dehydration dehydration. The dehydration after the cashmere sweater tile on the table, hand collated prototype dry, avoid hanging exposure. After the dried, available in temperature (140 DEG C) steam ironing flat iron, iron and cashmere sweater from 0.5-1cm distance, to avoid pressure on it, as with other iron pad must be wet towel.