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Little knowledge of textile materials (2)

Update:04 May 2018

Little knowledge of textile materials (2) 2. Hemp: It i […]

Little knowledge of textile materials (2)

2. Hemp: It is a natural plant fiber. Its characteristics are similar to that of cotton. It is more absorbent and cool. Disadvantages: Easy to wrinkle, rough fabric, no smooth feeling when worn.

3, hair: take the body of the animal's hair, mainly wool and cashmere, its advantages are warm, light, no sense of wetness when wearing, soft and comfortable, rich colors, water is not easy to fade. Disadvantages: difficult to wash water, can not be machine washed, need to be flat, easy to deform, strong shrinkage.

PC's wool garments are made from selected top wool products---that is, "clear wool", which not only has a good hand, but also has a meticulous texture and high quality. In addition to maintaining wool characteristics: warm, soft, breathable, but also "washable", "anti-shrinkage" and other functional features, suitable for general household washing methods, can save the economy, to achieve a throttling effect to play a throttling effect. Mercerized shrink-proof wool garments can even be machine washed. When washing, use dry cleaning as the best cleaning method. If the mark is available for washing, disable hot water, alkaline or concentrated acid washing. After dissolving in neutral water at 30 degrees, wash and gently rinse. Do not wash with brush. Leave to dry naturally after washing. When ironing, temperature should be moderate (about 40 degrees). A piece of cloth on the ironing pad.

4. Silk: Silk in natural fibers is a high-grade variety in clothing. Silk is one of the best textile raw materials in the world. It is fine, smooth, soft, wear-resistant, elastic, and able to absorb human discharge. The sweaty moisture. Silk is the longest, finest, softest, and brightest fiber in natural fibers. A small silkworm cocoon unwraps it and its silk can be more than one kilometer long. Silk has good elasticity and strong moisture absorption. However, silk is also very delicate, not resistant to the sun, not washing. Tussah silk is thicker than mulberry silk and has slightly stronger light fastness. However, due to the presence of natural pigments, tussah silk is difficult to bleach and stain, and it tends to yellowish and fade after the sun has dried. The silk woven with silk gives the impression that it is light and elegant, and it is an apparel fabric suitable for all seasons. Washing is best for dry cleaning. If it is marked as washable, wash it with cold water. After being washed and picked up, do not remove the water and allow the water on the clothes to drip naturally. Hang it in a ventilated place to dry it and disable the exposure.