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Polyester fabric disadvantages:

Update:21 Sep 2018

1. Poor hygroscopicity, polyester fabric has poor hygro […]

1. Poor hygroscopicity, polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity. Therefore, polyester fabrics will have a stuffy feeling when worn. At the same time, it is easy to bring static electricity and contaminate dust, which affects the appearance and comfort. However, it is easy to dry after cleaning, and the wet strength hardly decreases and does not deform. , has good wearability.

2, poor dyeing, because there is no specific dyeing gene on the polyester molecular chain, and the polarity is small, so the dyeing is difficult, the dyeability is poor, the dye molecules are not easy to enter the fiber, but the color fastness after dyeing is very good, no Easy to fade.

3, easy to pilling, polyester fabric is one of synthetic synthetic fiber products, and all synthetic fiber fabrics have the phenomenon of pilling, so polyester fabric products will have pilling after a period of use.

4, poor resistance to melting, polyester fabrics have poor resistance to melting, such as Mars, soot, etc. are easy to form holes, so wear should avoid contact with cigarettes, sparks, etc. when wearing.