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Polyester fabric performance

Update:09 Jan 2018

Polyester, which is commonly known as 'Cronyllite', con […]

Polyester, which is commonly known as 'Cronyllite', consists of N polyester chips polymerized from stupid dicarboxylic acid and oxalic acid, and is melt-spun into poy and stretched. After bombs and other processes formed polyester yarn. The most prominent feature is good shape retention. Wearing polyester clothes Tingru not wrinkle. Looks special spirit, bodybuilding. After he wash, do not iron, as usual. The use of polyester is very wide, polyester and wool, cotton. Silk blended, the market a variety of polyester, polyester wool, polyester and polyester-viscose clothing and clothing, are its products.
Polyester fabric performance
1, wrinkle resistance and good insulation.
2, high strength, easy to fast wash.
3, good heat resistance.
4, good stability against sunlight.
5, strong wear resistance.
6, more stable chemical properties.
7, antibacterial and microbial role.