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Polyester wool-like fabrics are made of polyester

Update:26 Nov 2018

Polyester wool-like fabrics are made of polyester filam […]

Polyester wool-like fabrics are made of polyester filament yarn such as polyester elastic yarn, polyester mesh yarn or various special-shaped polyester yarns, or blended with medium-long polyester staple fibers and medium-long viscose or medium-length acrylic fibers. The woven fabrics of woolen fabrics, called worsted wool fabrics and medium-length wool fabrics, are less expensive than similar wool fabrics. It has the characteristics of full fluffy and elastic and good elasticity, and has the characteristics of strong and durable polyester, easy to wash and dry, flat and crisp, not easy to deform, not easy to fluff and pilling. Common varieties are: polyester impeller, polyester bomb Huada, polyester elastic tweed, polyester network silk wool fabric, polyester sticky long tweed, polyester nitrile hidden strip and so on.

Polyester imitation hemp fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in the international apparel market. It is made of polyester or polyester/viscose crepe woven into plain or ribbed fabric, which has the dry feel and appearance of hemp fabric. Such as the thin imitation Ma Molik, not only the appearance is rough, feels dry, and comfortable and cool, therefore, it is very suitable for the production of summer shirts and skirts.

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