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Second, fiber products

Update:11 May 2018

Man-made fiber fabrics: mainly viscose fiber and acetat […]

Man-made fiber fabrics: mainly viscose fiber and acetate fiber-based, there are rich fibers, copper ammonia fibers, etc., man-made fibers can be processed into filament and staple fiber, filament is what we call rayon, short fiber According to the length, line density is divided into cotton-type fibers, woven into a fabric that is rayon; medium-long fibers, woven into a fabric known as medium-long fiber fabrics; wool fibers, woven into a fabric that is artificial hair Fabric. These fibers are more than other fiber blends, called blended fabrics. The advantages are soft, comfortable, breathable, warm, cool in winter and cool in summer, and feels good.

The disadvantage is wrinkle. Here we mainly talk about PC commonly used acetate fiber: Polyester fiber It is the most widely used in artificial fiber can present a variety of popular material effects, and it has a good affinity and it is often blended with natural fibers. For example, 60% cotton + 40% polyester fiber can be used to complement each other, and it has a beautiful, durable, comfortable and easy to clean fiber characteristics. It is generally used in underwear, sports and leisure pants.

Acetate fibers are cellulose acetate-based, chemically processed acetate filaments that can be used for spinning and weaving. It has excellent dyeing properties, bright colors, bright appearance, good elasticity, and dimensional stability. The appearance is similar to that of mulberry silk, and it has silky luster and feel, soft and smooth. The fabric is hygroscopic and breathable, easy to wash and dry, and comfortable to wear. It has good antistatic properties and is not easy to absorb dust from the air. Dry cleaning, washing, and hand washing below 40°C are all acceptable. It overcomes the weaknesses of dust-removing and dry cleaning only. Mild mothproof performance, easy care collection. Can be widely used to make clothing lining, underwear, casual wear, sports clothes, high-end dresses, etc., with good taking.