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Several common satin

Update:20 Apr 2018

1, Wudi satin is a traditional fabric of chemical fiber […]

1, Wudi satin is a traditional fabric of chemical fiber, the fabric warp using polyester FDY Daguangguang 50D/24F, weft polyester DTY75D without network silk (twist) as raw material, using satin weaving in the water jet interweave Because of the use of light filaments in the warp yarns, the fabrics are attractive and occupy a place in the fabric market with light, thin, suppleness, comfort, and luster. This fabric can be both dyed and printed. Not only can we produce casual pajamas, nightgowns, etc., but it is also an ideal fabric for bedding, and we can make mattresses, bedspreads and so on.

2,Stretch satin It is injected into Spandex fabric. The fabric is made of polyester FDY Daguangguang 50D or DTY75D+spandex 40D as raw materials, and satin weaves are used in air-jet weaving machines. Because the latitude and longitude filaments are made of light, the fabrics are attractive, light, supple, flexible, Comfort, gloss and other advantages occupy a place in the fabric market. The fabric is very versatile and can be used not only for casual trousers, sportswear, suits, etc., but also for bed materials. Both dyed and printed, especially in dark colors as the leading product. Fabric garments are comfortable and popular.

3,The bamboo satin is made of polyester FDY large light triangular shaped wire 75D The weft is made of 150D slubbed wire as raw material, the fabric is satin weave, and the weave structure is made by weaving and weaving process, applying a single reduction treatment and environment-friendly dyeing. , The product is innovative in design and uses the combination of “big and bright” and "bamboo silk" to make the fabric satin-bright and bamboo-like. The fabric is soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, wear-resistant, and shiny. Bright and other advantages, it is not only suitable for the production of autumn women's pants, casual suits, etc., but also an ideal fabric for bedding, home decoration.