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Simple way to wash nylon bag, canvas bag

Update:03 Jan 2018

Tools / raw materials • Cleanser, wet wipes, spent toot […]

Tools / raw materials
• Cleanser, wet wipes, spent toothbrushes, package fillings,
•Warm water
Method / step
1. Check the bag after nothing, the bag to be well pulled zipper put basin, squeeze the right amount of cleanser on the package.
2. Use a wet wipe to clean the face of the package surface in all parts of the wipe, wrapped with a wet wipe wrap part of the wipe, rub several times. Brush with a waste toothbrush bag surface, each place to brush.
3. Basin plus half a basin of cold water, bags along with wipes the wet tissue together basin, and slowly poured into boiling water, the entire basin of water into a warm water like.
Take out wet wipes and wring them dry. , The zipper of the bag are pulled away to make the water go in, knead the bag gently in the water by rubbing the bag with the scrub, rub for a while.
5. After cleaning a few bags, remove from the basin, the package back zipper down and take, pinch the package by hand from top to bottom along with pinch the water, and then wipe the wet tissue, absorbent.
6. Into the bag into the plastic foam and other filler, open the package, with the tape hanging on the hanger, hung in ventilated place dry, not exposure, to prevent the bag discoloration.
• Can also be used to toothpaste brushing, but with cleansing milk more gentle, with a waste toothbrush is worn toothbrush head, will not brush the bag
• The packing is placed in the bag to maintain good shape after wrapping and the shape is more beautiful.