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The difference between polyester and polyamide fiber

Update:26 Dec 2017

Polyester fabric: polyester fabric is used in daily lif […]

Polyester fabric: polyester fabric is used in daily life is very much a fabric, polyester fabric is heat resistant synthetic fiber fabric in the best, with thermoplastic, can be made of pleated skirt, pleated long.
Polyester use: Polyester use is very wide, clothing fabric can be used to do skirts, pants, windcoat, etc., including down clothes are mostly polyester. A lot of curtains are made of polyester!
The most prominent feature of polyester: the type of hair, wearing clothes neat polyester does not wrinkle, particularly the spirit and beauty for the coat.
Nylon fabric: nylon fiber is usually used to draw nylon material into very fine fiber and then weave it. The specific name of nylon is polyamide, which is widely used in engineering plastics. According to the different materials of nylon, the common one is nylon 6 and nylon 66, that is, nylon 6 and nylon 66 are made of fiber.
Use: nylon fabric has broad applications in clothing, umbrellas, silk, silk nets, cord, BCF carpet yarn and the field of engineering plastics, is a down jacket, down jacket, children's best choice of mountaineering clothing.
Polyamide fiber features: nylon fabric luster is dim, the surface has a layer of wax like the feeling, color is not bright. Feel stiff, hand pinch fabric loosen, creased, slowly recovered..