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What is high grade chiffon fabric

Update:06 Feb 2018

What is high grade chiffon fabric? Nowadays, chiffon fa […]

What is high grade chiffon fabric? Nowadays, chiffon fabrics are very similar. They are more and more welcomed by their younger sister. The clothes made of snow textiles are comfortable and high-grade. Today we will know the characteristics of chiffon fabrics and distinguish what is really high-end chiffon.
Chiffon fabric texture is frivolous lit, a single by single thin fabric and Weiqiang twist. The weft density of the fabric is very small with the weave of plain weave. Light and elegant appearance, excellent air permeability and drape, wearing comfortable, clean clothes. Chiffon is widely used in the manufacture of women's dresses and high-grade evening dresses.
There are many kinds of chiffon, which can be divided into silk, pearl snow spun and silk chiffon according to the fabric made of different raw materials. The fabric features of different materials are different, the texture and the feeling are different, so the price is different. Then how can we distinguish and identify high-grade Chiffon? If it is the most easy to identify with fire, if we smoke a few wire lighter, if there is a white smoke coming out, it will smell fragrant and dry ashes will be broken and scattered. That's really good quality chiffon. If after the fake burnt charcoal will become dark and full of the smell, taste, touch feel rough know the ingredients.