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What is the fabric of high density?

Update:28 Apr 2018

What are the mess fabrics? High density is a synthetic […]

What are the mess fabrics?

High density is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning 100% polyester fibers and polyester fibers are obtained by spinning a polyester obtained by polycondensation of an organic dibasic acid and a dihydric alcohol. Industrial mass production of polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, and China's trade name is polyester. Is the current largest synthetic fiber varieties. It is not difficult to come up with one of the largest varieties of production and sales.

What are the fabrics?
The texture is light and transparent, with soft, cool and elegant appearance, good air permeability and drape. Wearing flowing, comfortable, and fitted upper body, it is elegant, elegant, elegant, and resistant to evil spirits. It is not easy to play ball, has stable dimensions and is not easy to wrinkle. The use of environmentally friendly dyeing, anti-static processing, elegant and cool, very feminine, adding to the blouse for women.

What are the fabrics?
Due to the high density of fabrics with longitude and latitude, it is particularly easy to breathe, with sufficient reduction treatment in dyeing, and the fabric feel is particularly soft. It is a fashionable fabric pursued by fashionable women and becomes a top body, which is elegant and elegant. The disadvantage of this is its poor elasticity and low dye uptake. However, this shortcoming can be improved after blending the fabrics. Overall, this is a good value for money fabric.